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Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) consists of two sheets of smooth .02" aluminum thermobonded to a polyethylene core in a continuous process. AllBond is pre-finished with a premium coil coating that is available in a spectrum of attractive standard colors along with any custom color you desire. To allow for imaginative design and creativity AllBond comes in a variety of lengths and widths.

AlumBond is used as cladding for many diverse applications such as office buildings, hospitals, convention centers, airports, hotels and for critical design elements such as entrances, canopies, column covers and interiors. With AllBond you add a crisp clean metal look that will add an image premium to any application.

AllBond Material are relatively maintenance free and stand up well against any climate, and because of the extreme light weight characteristics of the AllBond material, the attachments could be made directly to the existing curtain walls.

Our products are backed by distributors and Fabrication network that’s ready to service all of your needs, from technical support to custom applications. If you would like to see incredibly flat, crisp panels that meet the most demanding design requirements, AllBond material is ideal for the job.

The reason for choosing AllBond is very simple:
-Cost Effectiveness
-Design flexibility
-Modern Appeals

We recommend Allbond material for its superior ability to capture a crisp, high tech image and its flexibility in precise detailing.

AllBond material allows any building to have a high tech image which transitions between an industrial building and the modern innovative corporate office appearance.

AllBond material takes on the most innovative design challenges.
AllBond rectangular panels can be installed vertically or horizontally in a random pattern. These Panels are used for exterior and interior for new constructions or innovated buildings in order to maintain continuity of the design.





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